Xclent Flap Unisex Sling Bag for Men & Women| Boys & Girls



  • Versatile suits designed for professionals and travelers.
  • Main Compartment with Internal and External Pockets for Efficient Organization
  • Ensuring Durability.
  • Size of 11″/8″/3″ with a 4-liter capacity
  • Enhanced with Adjustable Straps for Varied Wearing Options
  • Water-Resistant Fabric and Fine Metal Detailing for Elevated Functionality and Durability
  • Ideal for carrying essentials like mobile phones, tablets, keys, wallets, sunglasses, diaries, documents, and pens
  • In-house production is crafted from high-quality synthetic material.

Xclent Flap Unisex Sling Bags are versatile suits designed for professionals and travelers, blending adaptability with functionality. This suit offers a main compartment with an internal pocket and an external pocket at the back with a modern flap and internal slots for efficient organization. Crafted from high-quality synthetic material, it guarantees durability at 11″/8″/3″ with a 4-liter capacity, ensuring longevity. Enhanced with adjustable straps to help you wear this satchel across the body or over the shoulder., water-resistant fabric, and fine metal detailing, it elevates functionality and durability. Just carry your passions with you in a new sling bag. A sling bag is useful to keep a mobile phone, tablet, keys, wallet, sunglasses, executive diary, documents, pen, etc.


Black, Camel, Chocolate Brown


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